Santa’s Sparkle 2018 – the event

Santa’s Sparkle needs your commitment now, if you’d like the event to continue, please consider whether you could help with any of the below, and please do get in touch. Legal and financial mechanisms are in place, but Santa’s Sparkle needs the following to make it happen in 2018:

  • People to organise and coordinate activities for children throughout the day
  • Someone to organise and coordinate stage activities
  • People to organise fundraising activities during the year to ensure that costs are covered and hopefully generate a fund for other community benefits
  • Someone (or a small group) to solicit help and funds from Arran businesses
  • Someone to organise and coordinate the necessary equipment to arrive at the school and to be taken away after the event
  • Someone to organise Santa’s parade, getting people to prepare floats etc…
  • Someone to enlist hot food stalls

This list isn’t comprehensive, some people might be able to take on more than one role, others might have suggestions of completely new roles, let’s start a conversation over the Santa’s Sparkle facebook page or e-mail from here.

The plan so far is to hold most of the event at the High School (warm & dry), with Santa traditionally arriving at Lamlash Pier at mid-day and travelling to the school along with a festive parade to see the children in his grotto…. Later in the afternoon, after everyone has played, been entertained and fed, Santa will lead the throngs out to light the village tree where there will be a firework finale.

2017 was the first year that the community ran Santa’s Sparkle and not only did the event cover its costs, it also managed to return something to the community in addition to the event itself – small donations totalling nearly £500 were made to a number of local organisations: Arran Brass Band, Arran Junior Triathlon Club, Arran Youth Foundations, Lamlash Children’s Annual Party, Lamlash Church, Lamlash Improvements Association, Taiko Drummers, … DO WE WANT THIS TO STOP THERE?